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Specialty Auto Coverage We Offer

Classic Car

Classic and Antique autos require coverage options that help protect your prized auto possession. Agreed value, comp/collision, liability, uninsured motorist along with parts and equipment are just some of the coverage options to be considered.


There are two types of motorcycle coverage you will need to have: Bodily Injury Liability and Property Damage Liability. These components are built-in to most motorcycle policies. Other coverage options to consider include Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist, Comp/Collision and Rental Reimbursement


Due to an assortment of risks associated with owning and operating a boat, you should also have a range of coverages to choose from. Coverages available include Agreed Value Hull, Total Loss Settlement, Actual Cash Value, Liability, Toxic Waste Liability, Personal Property, Medical Expenses, Uninsured Watercraft, Trailer Coverage, Wreckage Removal, and more. It’s important to know that while most boats less than 26 feet can be covered under the insured’s homeowner’s policy, there are certain limitations of coverage.


A variety of insurance coverages are available to ATV owners to protect against a number of liabilities — all of which can help safeguard you from damage, theft, or other types of risks. Along with Comp/Collision and Liability, you may benefit from other coverages for custom accessories, roadside assistance, theft coverage and underinsured/uninsured motorist.


Some RV owners hesitate to purchase recreational vehicle insurance because they think that their personal property housed in their RV will be covered by their homeowner’s policy. However, personal property coverage is limited under most Homeowner policies when the property is housed at a location other than the residence premise. In order for the RV owner to be adequately protected, it’s recommended they purchase a separate motorhome insurance policy. The types of coverage that recreational vehicle insurance coverage includes are total loss replacement, personal effects replacement cost, emergency expenses coverages, windshield coverage, medical expenses, among other options

Personal Auto Insurance

Maryland Insurance Group is the perfect place to find competitive preferred auto rates with national carriers. Our agents are committed to helping you save money and stay protected from everyday mishaps and major accidents. Our professionals work with you to help you understand coverage options, limits, and pricing, and are always available to you for all of your policy questions. Let us shop your policy and provide the protection and peace of mind you have been looking for when it comes to Auto Insurance.

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