Through our connections with leading national carriers we are able to offer you a wide range of coverage that protects you from risks to your property, including reimbursement for loss of income and protection from lawsuits that could cost you your livelihood.

We offer a broad range of BOP class codes that cover office, retail, service and wholesale distributor clients. Within those categories, some of our carriers offer classifications for lessor’s risk, hotel/motel, apartment and condominium

ventures and customers with a prior lapse in their coverage. And we can offer quotes for some construction classifications, although special rules apply to these types of risks.

Other Commercial (Includes General Liability, Inland Marine and Package)

Commercial Lines


Worker's Compensation

Commercial Auto

Through our carrier partners we offer broad coverage that helps protect you from the risks of lawsuits as a result of damage or injuries caused by the use of business vehicles. We also offer coverage for damage to the vehicles themselves.

We are a very competitive source for wholesaler's, distributor's, manufacturer and contractor clients. Generally our markets require that businesses operate within a 500-mile radius. In most cases, we can accommodate all vehicle types, including semi-trailers.

We offer coverage for businesses such as restaurants, automobile service and condominium owners, and have additional class codes available. We have markets for small artisan contractor class codes, including classifications such as janitorial, lawn care, upholstery and interior decorating. These and others are available with certain underwriting restrictions or limitations.

business owners.

We also have some availability with a limited number of carriers within the business owner’s policy for certain types of restaurants and manufacturers. Be advised that these generally have additional underwriting requirements and coverage limitations may apply.

manufacturing. We also have markets that are willing to provide coverage for new

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Maryland Insurance Group is a great source for Workers’ Compensation insurance. We provide standard, state-approved coverage that compensates your employees for work-related injuries as well as from lawsuits that may occur as a result of injuries to your employees.

We have markets that offer coverage and competitive pricing for a wide variety of class codes, including businesses engaged in retail, wholesale, service and