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Commercial Auto Insurance Lines

If your business owns one vehicle or a slew of vehicles, it’s necessary to be protected by commercial auto insurance. Commercial auto insurance provides financial protection to business owners and their drivers by offering coverage for a company’s use of vehicles for their mode of transportation: trucks, vans, cars, or other vehicles for work-related duties. Commercial auto insurance covers damages and medical costs that result from vehicle accidents, as well as vandalism and damage from hail storms. Coverage may include vehicles owned, rented, leased or hired, along with employee-owned vehicles used for business operations. For this reason alone, it’s recommended that companies obtain a commercial auto insurance policy if workers use their own vehicle to perform transportation-related functions for the business; this is referred to as non-owned commercial auto insurance.

Through our carrier partners we offer broad coverage that protects you from the risks of lawsuits as a result of damage or injuries caused by the use of business vehicles. We also offer coverage for damage to the vehicles themselves.

We are a very competitive source for wholesalers, distributors, manufacturer and contractors clients. Generally our markets require that businesses operate within a 500-mile radius. In most cases, we can accommodate all vehicle types, including semi-trailers.

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